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Ninja Filmmaking is More Important Than Ever Before

Let’s be honest – most of us get seduced by the gear. We buy too much of it and we rely on it way too much in the pursuit of great content. Ninja Filmmaking is about improving your mindset— the way you think through the story— so that you can be successful with no crew, little time, and very little gear.

Ninja Filmmaking is about being proactive, stealthy, and intentional.

Don't chase the story. Let it come to you.
We gave ourselves just one day, with one filmmaker, and one bag of gear to make a film. Follow along and see how we apply the idea of Ninja Filmmaking, which is to be proactive, stealthy, and nimble to create a film. You’ll see how we approach the interview, how we build out b-roll into full scenes, and how we think through coverage in real time.

Learn the 3/1 rule for going beyond a single shot and covering each scene in a fuller way. Learn the process of Story Mapping, which is how we find the best opportunities for b-roll and sort out what to cover, along with what not to cover. And we’ll also show you our ‘Follow The Puck’ way of thinking that helps you be proactive and stay one step ahead of the story.

Here's what you'll get when you choose to become a ninja filmmaker

1. Story Mapping

We'll walk you through how to build the main events of your film into a story map — an outline of all of the possible moments or actions that will happen. This becomes the foundation for making an intentional shot list.

2. The 3/1 Rule

After your story map, we'll show you how to organize the events into an overall beginning, middle, and ending. We'll then repeat that process, breaking down each part to allow for a much stronger story to be told.

3. Follow the Puck

The 3/1 rule will give you a strong and relevant shot list that you can then dial in by pre-visualizing your story as a hockey puck and deciding how to best film each moment as a wide, medium, or tight shot.

Here's How Ninja Filmmaking Helps You Become a More Profitable Filmmaker

Do More, With Less
You’ll learn how to create stronger stories with less gear, meaning more money left in your bank account at the end of the month.
Shoot in Stronger Story Structure
You’ll learn how to discern what’s needed and how to develop it into a full scene, allowing you to get more in less production time.
"I went from being so confused with my thoughts and ideas to now able to structure my ideas in a format that allows me to think visually.”


“It's like a great Lego set. All you have to do is start building and before you know it, you have a new world!”

- Ken Jones

I can’t wait use the MUSE process for my next project. Just one day after I had learned one of the storytelling concepts from MUSE I was able to apply it in a meeting with a potential client. They got really exited about the idea and I instantly knew that my chances of landing the job had skyrocketed.

- Tim Ciasto

I've been learning alone my entire life. Not just my career, but literally, my life. MUSE is the mentoring I've wanted in something I love doing and want to improve. Of course it's worth it!

- Danny Hotea

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