Profitable Production for Filmmakers Mini-Course

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We’ve all been there - you get a ping in your inbox and it is a potential client requesting a quote for a film. You do a little mental math, type out a quick response, hit send and cross your fingers that you can do the project for less than the number you just sent. And, every single time, an email comes in, you do the same thing.

It feels like you are sprinting in a marathon that someone just turned into an Ironman. You have to keep saying yes because you need more money to keep the doors open, but you also are completely overwhelmed by the work you already have. We get it, which is why we created this course to show you how to get financial clarity, manage your business's money and be able to say no, when you want to.


Finance 101 Lesson
Budgeting For Profit Lesson
Full Lesson Transcripts
Budget Template
Sample Budget
Sample Profit & Loss Statement
Cash Flow Worksheet

Ever wish someone told you a law degree is necessary for filmmaking or running a small business?

We get it.

Legal paperwork to protect you, your clients, and your work can be overwhelming.

We've been creating films for over a decade, so my friends, we understand the challenges.


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Creative Estimate:  A proposal to share who you are, what you can bring to the project and how much your involvement in the project will cost. We would strongly recommend leveraging this template and applying your branding and colors to this deck to make it both remarkable and unique to you. Scope of Work (Client):  This is to establish a relationship with a client and establish the terms of the relationship. Please note, you are responsible for completing the items like payment terms, timelines, and deliverables on a project by project basis but this will get you 90% of the way to having something remarkable you can send off to a client.  Scope of Work (Contractor):  This document is for when you hire freelancers to support your work. So whether it is a Producer you are bringing on or a PA, it is always a good idea for you to have a scope of work to ensure transparency with anyone who you bring into a project.  Budget Template:  This is the single most important thing when it comes to building a business - a budget template. Our team has spent YEARS and thousands of dollars creating a budget template that is both comprehensive yet straightforward to use. Sample Budget:  This way, you can see how a sample project can come together and use it as a reference to build your budgets.


Sure, you can say you want to be profitable, but are you ready to do the work that will be the difference between ending the year breaking even, or having money to be able to further your growth as a filmmaker?

It all comes down to one thing.

Financial clarity.

This mini-course on profitable production is a snapshot of Muse’s game-changing course World-Changing Filmmaker. Within it - not only do you get templates that the Muse team has spent the last decade refining - but you also get two lessons where Muse’s VPs of Production and Operations walk you through how to create financial clarity with Finance 101 and Budgeting for Profit.

If you commit to learning these lessons, and establishing these systems you will be able to not only anticipate if you need to push for more work, but better yet, know when you can take a week to dedicate to that passion project that you’ve been shelving for the past year.

What do you say?

How about HELL YES?!




We have taken everything we have learned in over a decade as commercial and documentary filmmakers to create this lesson on Finance 101 for you.

We’ve made many costly mistakes totaling probably tens of thousands of dollars over the years, which has taught us more about best business practices and how to be profitable  than a business degree ever could.

However, learning those lessons wasn’t without pain. The kind of pain that we don’t want for you.

So, we have prepared this lesson on Finance 101, where Muse’s VPs of Operations and Production will walk you through the tools you can leverage to get a clear picture of your business’s financials today and forecast what your business will look like in the future.



In this lesson, Muse’s VPs of Operations and Production will walk you through the five key takeaways to creating a profitable budget.

They will also walk you through the budget template they have created after YEARS of learnings and refinement that helps you think through how to make sure you are charging appropriately for your time. Because as you will hear many times in this lesson - your time is valuable!

This cannot be minimized - the budget template you receive as part of this lesson can give you a real understanding of where your time and money are going, which is often the difference between profitable projects and barely making it. Its value is massive, so pay close attention to how to leverage it to your advantage..

You will learn how to:

Get financial clarity, manage your businesses finances and be able to only say yes when you want to!

You will get access to templates that the Muse team has spent the last decade refining and we’ll teach you how to use them. Included are:

Budget Template: A fundamental template that helps clearly outline the costs for time, crew and any hard expenses on a project.

Sample Budget: A completed budget to be used as a reference when building your own budget(s).

Sample Profit and Loss Statement: A document that delivers clarity around revenue, expenses and the profit.

Cash Flow Worksheet: A worksheet that allows you to use the information that you have today to forecast the financial state of your business over the course of a year.



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  • 2 In Depth Course Modules
  • Sample Profit and Loss Statement
  • Budget Template
  • Cash Flow Worksheet
  • Sample Budget