Filmmakers Legal Release Documents Bundle

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As filmmakers, we always need to be sure we have the proper permissions to be able to protect our clients, our work and ourselves. Creating legal paperwork can be time consuming and expensive! Here is a collection of the five most important legal releases for filmmakers.

A bundle of 4 of the top releases you'll need in film production – talent release, materials release, location release, and event release. Plus a master release track and a non-disclosure agreement.

What is in this download

Talent Release
Event Release
Location Release
Materials Release
Master Release Tracker

Ever wish someone told you a law degree is necessary for filmmaking or running a small business?

We get it.

Legal paperwork to protect you, your clients, and your work can be overwhelming.

We've been creating films for over a decade, so my friends, we understand the challenges.

What is included in this download:

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Creative Estimate:  A proposal to share who you are, what you can bring to the project and how much your involvement in the project will cost. We would strongly recommend leveraging this template and applying your branding and colors to this deck to make it both remarkable and unique to you. Scope of Work (Client):  This is to establish a relationship with a client and establish the terms of the relationship. Please note, you are responsible for completing the items like payment terms, timelines, and deliverables on a project by project basis but this will get you 90% of the way to having something remarkable you can send off to a client.  Scope of Work (Contractor):  This document is for when you hire freelancers to support your work. So whether it is a Producer you are bringing on or a PA, it is always a good idea for you to have a scope of work to ensure transparency with anyone who you bring into a project.  Budget Template:  This is the single most important thing when it comes to building a business - a budget template. Our team has spent YEARS and thousands of dollars creating a budget template that is both comprehensive yet straightforward to use. Sample Budget:  This way, you can see how a sample project can come together and use it as a reference to build your budgets.

Talent Release:

The most basic and also, the most important - the talent release. This release can be used for both adults and kids, and means you have the person’s permission to show their name, face and likeness.

Event Release:

The event release is for you to use in large spaces where collecting signed releases from everyone present is not possible. For example, if you were filming at a conference with 1,000 people attending, you would use this document to get permission through the conference and then set up event release signage at every entrance, letting folks know that by entering the space, they are consenting to be filmed.

Location Release:

A location release means you have permission from the individual or the company who owns the space to film and show it.

Materials Release:

A materials release covers intellectual property so something someone has made whether it is a song, a piece of art, even a YouTube clip.

Master Release Tracker:

And to tie things all together, we have included our master release tracker. This is KEY to staying organized on a shoot and cataloging the permissions you have so that you can easily review them or transfer them to say a client once you wrap a project.


Due to the amount of requests we have gotten, we have included an NDA template for your use as well. An NDA (or non-disclosure agreement) is a contract in which the signee is agreeing to keep all information about the project or methods confidential, unless otherwise directed.



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  • Talent Release
  • Materials Release
  • Event Release
  • Master Release Tracker
  • Location Release
  • *BONUS*  NDA